梦想铸造者...Dream of foundry...
  • Shenzhen Yuanwang Ganting Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2007, is the country with independent intellectual property rights of the fourth generation of high-tech amusement products manufacturers and operators, but also the only country with double A-qualified high-tech cultural amusement products Manufacturer company. The company is a leading provider of large-scale high-tech cultural tourism project, with a large-scale cultural and technological theme of tourism projects to achieve the comprehensive realization of the project, the company is a leading provider of high-tech cultural tourism products with high-tech cultural tourism products, planning, design, development, development, construction, management and operation. And operational management capabilities, and can provide cultural creativity, theme tourism, scientific and technological innovation of the whole industry chain integration program.
  • Yuanwang company has more than 80 patents, software copyright and film and television works copyright and other independent intellectual property rights, is a national high-tech enterprises, the company has passed the IOS9001: 2008 quality management system certification and TSG Z0004-2007 special equipment manufacturing, installation, (No. TS2610188-2018) and special equipment installation and maintenance of A-level qualification (No. TS3610025-2018), the company master special movies, large-scale mechanical control, multimedia interaction, the quality of the system, Dynamic simulation, the actual situation and a series of core technology.
  • More than fifty Patents
  • Yuanwang company has always insisted on innovation and progress, focus on entertainment technology expression, service tourism theme interpretation, is committed to the cultural industry innovation and development. The future will be the cultural and technological products as the core, to cultural tourism project construction and implementation as a platform, through the project to provide a wealth of the theme of cultural content and creative support, vigorously develop film and television animation, online games, entertainment terminals and other digital cultural derivatives, Culture, tourism, science and technology integration and development of the bridge, out of a "excellent culture as the core, the tourism industry as a platform for the performance of modern science and technology" industrial development path, and the progressive realization of cultural tourism industry scale, technology, strategy. And strive to provide visitors with the most innovative, the highest quality, the most shocking professional products and services, is committed to creating the most influential international cultural and technological brands, to create a new era of high-tech cultural industries. As the system of three high-tech intelligent system.
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