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The company has the best professional team in the industry, the highest qualification certification in China, the strongest project R&D and innovation capabilities, the highest level of manufacturing management capabilities in the industry, the most growth business model;
High-quality core team and professional talents: The core members of the team have more than 15 years of industry experience, and the team members have extensively contacted and participated in the development, construction and operation of large-scale cultural science and technology theme park projects at home and abroad.
Originated from the high level of manufacturing management capabilities in the industry: A-level qualifications for large-scale amusement facilities manufacturing and A-level qualifications for large-scale amusement facilities installation and maintenance and transformation issued by the National Special Inspection Institute. The manufacturing process and technology have been fully affirmed by customers for many years and are in the industry. Leading level.
  • 章乐平- -Chairman of the company, industry strategy experts,Head of the company

    Graduate degree, senior engineer, former professor of the People's Liberation Army National Defense Science and Technology University, won the second prize for scientific and technological progress of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Commission.
          Mr Zhangleping has rich experience in high-end equipment manufacturing, culture and technology industry, energy industry, communication industry, and trade and circulation industry. He has established Yuanwang Multimedia Co., Ltd., Yuanwang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Yuanwang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Yuanwang Investment Co., Ltd., Yuanwang Digital Mall, and Yuanwang Yupu Technology Co., Ltd..
          Mr Zhangleping founded the company is the first to enter the field of cultural science and technology in China. The development of the domestic cultural science and technology industry began from the distant hope and trained a large number of talents for the industry.
    The main business of Shenzhen Yuanwang Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded by Mr. Zhangleping, includes automobile fuel tanks, semiconductor sealing equipment manufacturing, and solar energy equipment. Among them, automotive fuel tanks rank third in the world, and semiconductor sealing equipment manufacturing has broken the monopoly of foreign companies in this field., Reducing the cost of equipment for domestic enterprises by more than 50 % is the first choice for alternative imports;
         Shenzhen Yuanwang Digital City, founded by Mr. Zhangleping, is Asia's largest mobile phone and communications professional electronic market, with a daily capital flow of more than 300 million yuan.
         Zhangleping has a forward-looking vision of the development trend of the industry and has unique practical experience and ability in the field of the establishment of business models and the planning of corporate development strategies.

  • 廖鹏志——Director of Business Marketing

    Graduated from Hunan University in 1988, majoring in mechanical manufacturing and automation, with the title of engineer. Successive leaders of mechanical engineer, hydraulic expert and support department of Saige Samsung Co., Ltd; mechanical engineer of East Overseas Chinese City, responsible person for phase II construction project, responsible person for maintenance and operation; deputy general manager, technical director of amusement equipment and responsible person for enterprise safety of Jiujiang Great Thousand World Dreamland Park, Jiangxi Province, responsible for the theme company. Park planning, equipment ordering, installation, acceptance, operation team formation and management, management equipment maintenance department, operation department, engineering maintenance department, IT maintenance department, maintenance and operation of the theme park has rich practical experience. From May 2018 to now, Ren Yuanwang Gantuo Technology Co., Ltd. is the director of business marketing department, responsible for market development and after-sales service.

  • 李冰--Director of Engineering

    He graduated from computer information management major and has more than 10 years of work experience in theme parks. He has rich engineering project planning and management skills. He has led the implementation of the 12 theme park intelligence system master technology plans under the Huaqiang Culture Group, the design review of weak power system drawings, bidding technical documents, on-site team formation, on-site construction management, and on-site stable operation technology training.
    Participation in key projects:
    Chongqing Jinyuanfangte, Shantou Fangte Happy World, Wuhu Fangte Dream Kingdom, Shenyangfangte, Qingdao Fangte Dream Kingdom, Zhuzhou Fangte Happy World, Jiayuguan Fangte Happy World, Xiamen Fangte Happy World, Datong Fangte Happy World, Zhengzhou Fangte Happy World , Jinan Oriental Mythology Non-legacy Industrial Park;
    The completion of the Huaqiang theme park project includes "Children's Kingdom", "Flying Limit", "Conch Theater", "Conch Bay", "Dinosaur Crisis", "Mysterious Valley", "Solomon Seal", "Space World", "Vesuvius Volcano" "," Western Legend "," Star Flight "," Sunshine Plaza "," Film and Television "and other smart system master technology programs, weak power system design review, bidding technical documents, on-site team formation, on-site construction management, on-site stable operation technology (c) Training, etc..

  • 胡应龙- Design Center Director

    He graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and is currently the head of the design center of Shenzhen Yuanwang Youtu Technology Co., Ltd.. He has participated in the construction of Shanghai Disneyland, Fangte, Lehua and other theme parks. He has more than 10 years of rich high-tech theme park management, monomer management and design experience. Over the years, we have accumulated rich management experience in the design and development of large and medium-sized entertainment products, theme park planning and project landing, and created a number of classic cases.
    1, participate in Huaqiangfangte's Happy World, Hua Qiang Fangte Dream Kingdom, Intangible Heritage Museum Project:
    (1) Participate in and complete the production of 4D special digital movie model character scene props such as "Dinosaur Crisis", "Hangzhou Bay Wetland Video-5D Bird", "Havoc Temple" and "Magic Castle";
    (2) Production of character clay prototype models for anime films such as "Bear", "Twelve Zodiac", and "Twelve Zodiac";
    (3) Complete the production of live silicone masks and props for real video and stage performances;
    (4) Participation in Wuhu II, Zhuzhou, Zhengzhou, Tai'an, Xiamen, Shantou, Shenyang, Tianjin, Datong, Jiayuguan, Hangzhou and other places, especially happy world, Fangte Dream Kingdom and some intangible cultural heritage museums The interior and exterior of the museum, facade plastic stone, shape Landscape plan to deepen production and site installation and other work.
    2, for Huatedisini, Warner and other foreign companies to provide cartoons, realistic characters and other kinds of Arts and crafts gift products, collection model products of the appearance design and production.
    3, participate in Lehua Happy World, Lehua Hot Spring Water Park Project:
    (1) Complete the preparation of the theme parks of Xi'an "Lehua Happy World" and "Lehua Hot Spring Water Park";
    (2) Complete the design and operation of the "Lehua Happy World" theme park publicity and promotion;
    (3) Complete the design, research and development, selection and mining of brand products in the "Lehua Hot Spring Water Park" park.

  • 周超雄--Mechanical Engineers

    He has worked in mechanical engineering of Kenfa Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. for structural design and production of production automation line non-standard equipment design; He is currently working as a mechanical engineer in Shenzhen Yuanwang Yutu Technology Co., Ltd. and is responsible for completing projects such as Shandong 4D Dark Riding Project "The Nightmare", Changzhou Flying Cinema Project "Dream Back Spring and Autumn" and track car project "Iron Blood Spring and Autumn". High-tech amusement projects.
    Responsible for Shandong's "Doomsday Nightmare" alone undertakes the design, development and commissioning of Shandong's liquid-controlled multi-degree of freedom track car. It has now been operating in Penglai and Qihe in Shandong for more than two years. It is the first fully hydraulically driven walking multi-freedom track car in China..
    For the stunt design, undertake the two major special effects of "Rhinoceros Out" and "<unk> <unk>" and complete the installation and commissioning.
    Lead the technical improvement of the Shandong project "Tour of the Ring" project and produce design drawings. Handle the problem of wire rope skidding, and handle the technical problems of spot debugging and installation. It has been operating continuously for more than two years. It is a domestic Class A project and a domestic original suspension lift platform. The number of individual platforms has reached as many as 50. The two projects are the two most popular in the park, with a maximum of 30,000 visitors per day.
    Changzhou project "dream back spring and autumn" flying theater and "iron blood spring and autumn" track car structure optimization.
    The structure design of the new flying theater redesigns the lifting method and principle of the flying theater, and achieves the leading international synchronization technology in China.
    The design and development of electric six-degree-of-freedom rail vehicle was completed. This project is the first domestic application of six degrees of freedom platform on the car is the leading domestic project.

  • 尹玉香CFO Financial Director

    Senior accountant, who is engaged in financial management for more than 10 years, has experience in financial management of large listed companies and large state-owned enterprises, is familiar with financial accounting and financial management procedures and systems of listed companies, and is familiar with national fiscal and tax policies and various preferential policies of the government. Having strong analytical judgment, financial planning, tax planning, audit supervision, fund operation, team building and leadership, and participating in the financial risk assessment review of major investment projects and business operations of listed companies, He has rich experience in the fields of financial system establishment, accounting basic management, cost control, tax planning, Capital Management, financial management, financial analysis, investment research, financing, and government funded project reporting.
    From 2001 to 2013, Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Technology Co., Ltd.(stock code 000636) served as cost accounting, accounting, finance minister, audit manager, and finance manager;
    Since 2015, he has served as financial manager and financial director of Shenzhen Yuanwang Company;
    In 2016, he won the top 100 outstanding financial managers in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
    Participation in key projects:
    (1) The financing of the performance guarantee of RMB 10,000 for the 4D Theatre Project of Hefei Wanda;
    (2) Financing of the performance guarantee of RMB 10,000 for the Wanda 4D Theater Project in Harbin;
    (3) The financing of the performance guarantee of the Wanda simulation theater project ** million;
    (4) The financing of the performance guarantee of Wanda's shooting theater project * * 10,000 yuan;
    (5) The financing of the performance guarantee of the Wuxi Wanda shooting theater project ** 10,000 yuan;
    (6) The financing of the performance guarantee of the Guangzhou Wanda Bee Project ** 10,000 yuan;
    (7) A bank * * million yuan of working capital loan work;
    (8) The investment calculation work of the Zhangzhou Special Film and Television Industry Park * * 100 million yuan;
    (9) Huizhou Special Film and Television Industry Park * * 100 million yuan investment measurement work, preparation of business plans;
    (10) The investment calculation work of the Longhe Special Film and Television Industrial Park * * billion yuan;
    (11) Coordination of the company's new three-board listing in 2015;
    (12) The signing of strategic agreements for outstanding real estate;
    (13) Guangsheng Real Estate's capital increase and expansion is fully responsible;
    (14) Business docking work with governments and important investment institutions at various levels such as Huizhou and Gansu.

  • 刘莎莎- Head of the General Office

    Industry and commerce management major, has served as Dajiang innovation technology Co., Ltd., has many years of experience in system and project management. He is currently the director of the general office of Shenzhen tianwang wutuo technology Co., Ltd.. During the term of office, the company applies for necessary qualifications and related technology patents through various channels to provide strong legal protection for the company's ability to squeeze into the amusement industry. Intellectual property rights and design results are also strongly protected by relevant national laws and regulations. Manage and control the progress of all projects in the company, effectively control the progress and quality, ensure the completion of all projects according to the contract node. Familiar with TSG Z0004-2007, lead the project from the design review \ type test and acceptance of all procedures, formulate the company's rules and regulations, Process and perfect. Carry out and maintain the company system. Control the input and output data of each department, conduct public inspection on the integrity and correctness of the output data of the department, and improve the quality of the output data.Record the product and quality system files in the archives to ensure that the company's technical data can be completely preserved and that intangible assets management is safe. Coordinate the work of various departments, is the company's internal and external communication is an important hub.
    1, completed the acceptance of Shandong Penglai, Qihe "Global Tour Flight Cinema", "Doomsday Nightmare Rail Vehicle" project, and obtained the "China Special Equipment Testing Institute" issuer's project certificate;
    2) The leading company carried out a comprehensive review of the 8408 amusement facilities system. In February 2014, the "China Special Equipment Testing Institute" completed the review of the A-class qualification factory of our company. And obtained the special equipment manufacturing license A-grade qualification and the seed equipment installation and repair license A-grade qualification;
    Complete the design appraisal & test & acceptance work of Wanda project, and obtain the qualified report;
    4, according to the quality system requirements, completed the ISO9001 :2008 evidence collection and replacement audit work, and obtained the ISO9001 :2008 renewal certificate;
    5, a total of 7 invention patents, 35 utility model patents, a total of 8 software copyright.

  • 王仲禹——Planning Center Manager

    With nearly 10 years of experience in theme park design, it has a macro grasp of the overall design idea of the park, and can accurately penetrate the design style and story line throughout the park design and conform to the park's own positioning. It can provide a complete one-stop service from macro conceptual design to detailed design in the later stage. After repeated experiments in the long-term work, we have a good grasp of the key points in the design of various special screens, such as phantom imaging, stereo projection, orbital spherical curtain and so on. Familiar with the whole process of film and television project from script setting to conceptual design and deepening design. It can integrate film and television works with park design in an all-round way.

  • 李成龙 ——Center Manager of Animation

    Graduated from the animation major of Hubei University of Economics, he has worked in film and television production for more than 6 years. He is currently in charge of the film and television center of Shenzhen Yuanwang Gantuo Technology Co., Ltd. He has participated in the production of special film animation in many theme parks in Huaqiang Fonter Shenzhen Film Company, managed and entered Angkor project animation production, participated in and coordinated the work docking of various departments, and dealt with various problems in project production. Has rich experience in theme park special film production and design. Familiar with model lighting material rendering and binding, skilled in animation production technology. Postmodern adjustment and film production capabilities. Strong ability of coordination, communication, analysis and judgment, can effectively participate in solving the problems of production links in various departments.

  • 周磊——Design Center Manager

    Graduated from Landscape Architecture (Landscape Design), the manager of the Design Center of Shenzhen Yuanwang Gantuo Technology Co., Ltd. completed the design and management of many kinds of projects, such as the dynamic theatre, magic theatre and shooting theatre, built by the company for Wanda, Hengda and other well-known enterprises during his tenure. He has rich parent-child paradise and theme public. Experience in project design, cost and construction site management.